Review on DUXTOP UltraThin Induction Hot Plate

DUXTOP UltraThin Induction Cooktop

Want a cooktop that is as sleek as your new phone? You have it right her with the Duxtop UltraThin –manufactured with the same quality as all Duxtop products.


  • Ultrathin and portable
  • Fifteen power level options
  • Digital control panel
  • Duxtop cookware compatible
  • Built in timer with auto pan detection


If there is one thing that the DUXTOP UltraThin Induction Cooktop can fully boast of, it is its sheer thinness. In fact, it is a lot thinner than older models which were already thin by definition.

It is up to 40% thinner than previous models, which makes it compact, as well as extra light weight so that you can easily handle it, move it around the house, store it, box it, or take it away with you if you’re switching places.

This is the perfect cooktop for tiny homeowners, apartment owners, and other people living in small spaces who still want the cozy goodness of a home cooked meal.

The thinness is finished with a full glass top that is perfect for cleaning since the smooth surface lets spilled food easily slide off so that you will not have a hard time keeping your unit clean and sparkly.

It has 15power level options ranging from 100 to 1500 Watts, as well as 15 temperature options ranging from 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

This allows you to take full control of the temperature and cooking of the food that you place on this cooktop. You can truly achieve a perfect sear on that scallop, or just the right cook on that steak, thanks to the precision control that you get from this cooktop.

The power option also allows you to control the amount of power that you use for each cooking session. This will work quite well for people who are conscious of their energy consumption and who want to save on energy costs as reviewed by General Electrics.

A digital control panel allows you to take control of all of the elements of your cooking with clarity and precision.

A digital timer which is built into the unit lets you cook your food for up to 170 minutes so that you do not accidentally burn your food in case you leave it unattended or forget to turn the cooktop off when leaving the house. It also comes complete with an auto pan detection that shuts off the unit after 60 seconds if no cookware is detected on the cooktop.

You can take the pot off of it and be assured that the unit will switch off after a minute to be able to save you energy costs and minimize the risks of damage or injury.

Just as with any Duxtop cooktop model, the DUXTOP UltraThin Induction Cooktop also keeps you and your home safe with a diagnostic error messaging system that allows you to be notified if something is wrong with your unit such as if you are using incompatible cookware which may cause the unit not to function.

It also warns you of low or high voltage so that you can be safe from electrical hazards such as burns, fires, or electrocution. To add to its safety mechanism, the auto pan detection is automatically enabled so that the unit shuts off after a minute if a pan is not detected, in order to save you energy costs.

The company has saved you the bother of having to search high and low for compatible pots and pans by coming up with a full line of cookware that is compatible with their units. This one is fully compatible with any Duxtop cookware.

If you already own cookware that is induction ready such as cast iron cookware or stainless steel that has a magnetic bottom, cast aluminum enameled iron, or other similar cookware, then you are ready to use this induction cooker.


As with many induction cookers, you may find this unit a bit on the noisy side since it consists of moving internal parts that constantly function as it is powered. It has a fan within that keeps the unit cool, the electronics may occasionally tick, and a hum or buzz may be heard when there is cookware on the cooktop.

If you are antsy about sounds coming from your units, you may want to reconsider a different type of cooking method that is quieter, such as the traditional gas stove.

Also, if you are not a fan of having to push a beeping button many times before getting to the right temperature, you may not like this.

There is the plus and the minus buttons that you have to push to adjust temperature levels, and these buttons beep when pressed, so you do get a lot of beeps when setting temperatures or adjusting them every now and then.


Apart from the sounds, the DUXTOP UltraThin Induction Cooktop makes up for it when it comes to size and portability. You can definitely not get any more portable than this, especially considering that you are getting a cooktop.

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