Review on NuWave 30242 PIC Gold Precision Induction Cook Top

NuWave 30242 PIC Gold Precision Induction Cooktop

If precision is your passion, this induction cooktop has a great treat for you. You can adjust in increments like no other induction cooktop can offer with a temperature range that is wider than most induction cooktops.


  • Up to 70% energy savings compared to conventional ovens
  • 52 available temperature settings ranging from 100 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit with 10-degree increments
  • Six available pre-programmed temperature settings
  • Delay and sear functions
  • 1-hour default setting with auto switch off
  • Comes with 10.5″ Fry Pan


You can enjoy up to 70% energy savings when you use the NuWave 30242 PIC Gold Precision Induction Cooktop instead of a conventional oven. If you are trying to cut down on energy costs or are more environmentally conscious, converting to an induction cooktop such as this is a great move.

If you are currently using a gas cooker, you can finally say goodbye to mounting gas costs, and by choosing an induction cooker over an older electric cooker, you are able to save on the electricity bill by cutting down on energy costs since it is so efficient in using energy that none of it goes wasted and your food is cooked thoroughly and quickly.

If you want precision when it comes to cooking your food, you will definitely appreciate the 52 available temperature settings that this induction cooker has for you. It is simply unmatched by many induction cooker manufacturers out there.

You can adjust your temperatures anywhere between 100 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit with 10-degree increments so that you are in full control of just how hot you need your pan to be.

If you are trying to cut down on time, you don’t need to manually adjust the temperatures down to the last degree because the NuWave 30242 PIC Gold Precision Induction Cooktop allows you to choose between six pre-programmed temperature settings so all you need to push is one button and your food will be boiling, simmering, scalding, or heating without fuss.

This takes away all the guesswork in figuring out which foods to cook at which exact temperatures. It also allows you to just get on with cooking and let the unit make all the temperature adjustments for you.

To make cooking even more convenient and a lot easier for you, it also comes with a delay and sear function so that you can cook your food to utmost perfection. The delay feature allows you to leave the pan on as it waits a few moments before starting the cooking process.

This is particularly useful for foods that you need to sit a while before starting to heat such as in marinades. You can simply leave it on the cooktop and set it to wait a set number of minutes before starting to cook.

The sear process usually heats up the pan at rapidly high temperatures to make for a crispy exterior and a moist inside such as when searing scallops or fish. The temperature is then automatically brought down so as to warm the food thoroughly after having seared the outer layer into a crust.

To keep your kitchen safe and your food from burning to cinders, it comes with an automatic one-hour default timer setting and an auto-off which switches off your unit after the set number of minutes or hours cooking or if it does not detect a pan or a cooking pot on it.

As a bonus, the NuWave 30242 PIC Gold Precision Induction Cooktop comes with a 10.5-inch frying pan so that you can immediately get started with cooking using your brand new induction cooker.


There have been a few reviews that say that the pan included in the package easily scars and stains even just after a few uses. Although it is not the main product on here, it still disappointed a few buyers. When buying pans for an induction cooker, it may take some picking to get the right ones.

Make sure that they are compatible with induction cookers as those that are not, end up being useless, no matter how expensive they are, especially if you plan on using an induction cooker alone in all of your cooking. You should make considerations before making that drastic move.


If you are concerned about cutting energy costs, you should definitely look into buying an induction cooker such as this. That edge with the NuWave 30242 PIC Gold Precision Induction Cooktop is that it can be very precise when it comes to temperature settings.

The 52 available settings is hard to beat for most induction cooktops, so you get utmost control when it comes to how hot you want your pan to be. You can definitely achieve the perfect cook on each dish with precision that this cooktop offers.

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