Review on Secura Portable Electromagnetic Cook Top Burner

Secura Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Sometimes, occasions call for a portable electronic heating appliance. That is why electromagnetic cooktops such as this was created. Light and portable, complete with all the features you could possibly look for in an induction cook-top, the Secura is one of the best portable induction cooktops you can find.


  • Lightweight, compact, uses standard voltage
  • Digital control panel
  • Compatible with Duxtop cookware and other electromagnetic ready cookware
  • Auto pan detection
  • ETL approved
  • Countdown timer


If you are one for kitchen units that are compact and lightweight, the Secura Portable Electro Magnetic Countertop Burner is definitely for you. It is truly ideal for little kitchens that have limited space since it is compact and space saving.

And if you move around a lot or live in a trailer, a tiny apartment, or any other small space, this unit is light enough to be carried by hand by one person, unlike bulky gas ranges or heavier electric cookers.

If you have a power supply, you can even bring it around for long travels, or camping. It uses 120 volts, 15 amps of electricity which is the standard among many homes. If not in use, you can easily store it in a roomy drawer for later use.

The controls on this unit are digital, which gives you precise numbers as to the temperatures or other settings.

It also has a built-in digital timer that you can set for up to 170 minutes of one-minute intervals so that you can have maximum control of how long you want to cook your food for, depending on what cook type you want to achieve.

The temperatures may be adjusted anywhere between 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit and with 10 power levels ranging from 200 to 1800 Watts.

All of these control options gives you optimum regulation as to how cooked you want your food to be by adjusting the temperature, the power, and the amount of time by which you want your food to be heated up.

To make things a lot easier, the Secura Portable Induction Countertop Burner is made to be compatible with any Duxtop cookware as well as any other electromagnetic ready cookware.

These cookware types are widely available in all home stores that sell cooking materials. In case you are not sure as to what brand to choose, go for the Duxtop brand just to be safe.

If you have any electromagnetic ready cookware already in possession you may also use those as they are compatible with this unit. Such cookware is stainless steel cookware with magnetic bottoms or a classic cast iron pan or pot.

Auto pan detection feature in this unit allows it to automatically shut off after 60 seconds if no cookware is detected.

This may occur if you take the pan off the unit or if your cookware is not compatible with it. It is also equipped with a diagnostic error messaging system to take the guesswork out of what is currently going on with your unit.

To keep your kitchen safe from electrical hazards such as fires, the Secura Portable Electromagnetic Countertop Burner has a warning system built in to detect and alarm you of high or low voltage. It is also ETL approved so that you can be assured that it is certified safe to use in any home.

To make sure that you are keeping time with your cooking, the Secura Portable Induction Countertop Burner has a built-in countdown timer that you can set for up to 170 minutes by five-minute increments.

You can manually increase or decrease the time of cooking for each meal depending on what you are currently cooking and how well done you want your meals to be.

You can adjust power levels anywhere between 200 to 1800 Watts and the temperatures can range anywhere between 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit.


As with any electromagnetic stovetop, it is important to ensure that your cookware is compatible with the unit. Otherwise, your cooking pots will be rendered useless.

Although salehoo reviews indicate that stainless steel or steel is ideal for the unit, you have to make sure that the bottoms of these steel pots react to the magnet by testing them out with an actual piece of magnet.

If you already own your own set of steel pots and pans, it would be best to first have them tested before buying the unit, unless you are willing to scrap them out to go and buy a new set. It could be disappointing if you already own a particularly expensive set that just won’t match with the stovetop.


As you can see by this review, the Secura Portable Electromagnetic Countertop Burner has all the great qualities of a good induction cooktop. In buying, always make sure you have compatible cookware.

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