Tips for Buying Your New Induction Cooktop

Tips for Buying Your New Induction Cooktop

If there is one word to describe an induction cooktop, it would be efficient. This modern cooking method is able to cope with today’s fast-paced lifestyle with its ultra-high speed heating and cooking whilst saving you a ton when it comes to energy costs since it wastes as little heat as possible in the process of cooking your food.

More and more homes today opt for this cooking because of its efficiency. But how do you choose the right induction cooktop for you? Below is an induction cooktop buying guide to help you get the right induction cooktop.

As with any induction cooktop buying guide would ask, what are the reasons for your purchase? Is it a system upgrade? A switch up in lifestyle?

There could be many, but the most common reasons for buying an induction cooktop are as follows:

Electric cooking range upgrade

If you are already using electricity instead of gas when cooking, you might want to upgrade it to an induction cooktop.

Usually, the existing electrical components of an electric range are compatible with most induction cooktops so you won’t have to worry about installation. Although induction cooktops are more than twice the price, they are also almost twice the efficiency of conventional electric stoves.


While it may take electric and gas stovesup to nine minutesto boil two liters of water, it could only take half that time for an induction cooker to get the job done.

That being said, this cooktop is the best match for people who are always on the go and yet still want to get the chance to be able to make home cooked meals on a daily basis.


No fires, no accidental ignitions, very little possibility of catching fire unless if it is of an electrical nature. Induction cooktops are also safer when it comes to preventing burns since they cool down up to four times faster than an electric cook top.

Many models can also switch off when no pans or pots are detected. If safety in the kitchen is your main concern, this cooktop is best for you.


If you are all about getting the right temperature down to a degree, then an induction cooktop is ideal for you.

Whether you are trying to find the most precise temperature to scald some cream, or heat sugar to make candy, you will definitely find it easier to adjust with this type, and you will not be needing any cooking thermometers too so it saves you the trouble.


Since the surface of an induction cooktop is seamless ceramic, it is definitely a lot easier to clean than the little metal nooks and knobs of a traditional gas stove. Also, since the surface cools off a lot faster than electric cooktops, food is not likely to stick and burn on it easily so that it is a lot easier to wipe off any leftover grime after a cooking session.

Reliable dropship cooktop reviews will tell you to look out for important features such as:

  • Pan detection
  • Most cooktops these days are built to not function if there is no detectable pan on its surface. Also, if a pan is removed while it is functioning, it may automatically stop.
  • Choosing the right size
  • Cooktops can vary in size between 60-90 centimeters. The more cooking zones you need, the bigger you might want your surface to be in order to accommodate the number of pans that you might be simultaneously using.
  • Automatic switch
  • This feature turns off the element or switches it to a lower power if a pan is not detected on the cooktop or if the unit overheats such as when a hotplate has been left on for a long period. This avoids unwanted burns or accidents, and saves you unnecessary energy costs.
  • Safety sensor
  • This feature protects your cookware as it detects the temperature levels on the bottom of the pan in case an empty cookware is left on the cooking zone. It ensures that temperatures are adjusted in order to keep the pan from sustaining any damage.
  • Booster heat up
  • This feature allows the heater to automatically heat up food in a higher temperature much quicker, then bring it down to a simmer afterward. This can be useful for cooking foods such as rice.
  • Overflow protection
  • Occasionally, especially if you are cooking liquids, you might experience overflow when boiling. Overflow protection automatically shuts off the device in the event that fluids spill onto the controls, thus protecting your unit from damage and protecting you from electrical injury.
  • Child lock
  • As with all kitchen appliances, it is best to keep it inaccessible to children, as possible. Although any risk of burns or fires is greatly minimized with an induction cooktop, it is still best if they are kept off limits from hot pans and pots.
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