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Directly converting heat-waste into electrical energy.

The year 2000 witnessed our discovery of a oxide compound
we have since developed into a material capable of converting heat-waste into electrical energy at unprecedentedly high temperatures. Thus, after a decade of research, we are pleased to confidently announce the establishment of TES NewEnergy
(Thermo Electric Systems and NewEnergy).

TES NewEnergy is born as a result of the work of AIST
( The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology).

TES NewEnergy brings you a world of fresh cost-reducing possibilities, 
creating clean energy for incinerators, process plant , industrial furnaces, shipping, fueled vehicles, cookers/water-heaters, ubiquitous machinery etc. We can also provide emergency or back-up energy and even utilize geothermal energy.

We hope you join us as we expand renewable energy, reducing carbon-dioxide levels worldwide


Latest News

NEW!The Fire Power 160 ::●Video

●High Power Pan Charger”Wonder Pot 20/30"
Power to charge iPad. Simultaniously charge multi USB.

●PAN CHARGER : Wonder Pot Price down.
Catalogue (PDF)
Charging Portable Mobile Phone During Emergencies.

●Cup Charger
Charges your cell phone at camping ,outdoor,etc

●The Fire Power 40
A Fire(Wood,Charcoal,Gas etc) generates AC100~220V/DC12V 40W.

●NEW!Wonder Wagon

●Thermo Electric Power Generator for Waste Heat : Panel 50cm2.
Output : ~678W.(600℃) 2.7KW/m2

●Shop Open!EUR USD
( PayPal)




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