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What’s thermoelectric generation?

Thermoelectric generation is a conversion technology using voltage formed by temperature difference between edges of electrically conductive materials.
This phenomenon is called Seebeck effect.



Electrical energy can be generated by connecting p- and n-type thermoelectric devices

Advantage of thermoelectric conversion

 Generation by temperature difference
      ・・・From small to large scale generation.

 Direct conversion from heat to electricity
      ・・・No exhaust, no noise.  
 No moving parts
      ・・・Easy maintenance, long life time,
            low running cost.
High power density
      ・・・Small size, light weight.
            Good for portable use.





Core technology of TES NewEnergy
Electrical power generation using waste heat with wide temperature region (100-1000℃)

Oxide devices:
Generation in even high temperature
No deterioration by oxidation in air


    Oxide thermoelectric module


Performance of oxide thermoelectric module
Hot side temperature: 800℃
Cold side temperature: 20℃

Cascade technology:
Combination thermoelectric devices without oxidation in low to high temperature region.
(Solid line: Devices TES NewEnergy are using)


Research and development

・Enhancement of ZT for oxide materials
・Non-oxidation materials in middle temperature region (“material pipeline”)

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